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                                                   Mormons know who they are. Whether you attend meetings or where, and that some of you do not call                                  

                                                        yourselves 'Mormon',  you still are.  And how can this be? It is because Mormons are a people!                                             

                                                                 Chartered  1984                            

                                                         By the Benevolent Fund For Mormon Widows And Orphans     Founded 1838 - Reconstituted 1983                    


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Benevolent Fund for Mormon Widows and Orphans

Founded 1838

What we believe:

'Who is a 'Mormon'? The Society is made up of people with a common belief that Mormon refers to 'Mormon' the Prophet who compiled the records of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. Mormons are believers who follow the teachings and doctrines taught by Joseph Smith and the Latter-day Saints prophets. These doctrines are believed to be eternal, and part of the Gospel preached by Jesus Christ and the Holy Scriptures of the Bible. For the non-sectarian purposes of our Society a Mormon is to be: the child or dependent of a Mormon, the spouse of a Mormon, a living or dead person baptized Mormon, and any stepchild or sibling-by-marriage in a Mormon family. And, in general, all defenders of the Articles of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints or persons who profess to be Mormon (followers of Joseph Smith's teachings) who are to be baptized Mormon while living (or in death) are accepted by our Society to be Mormons. Mormons believe the Book of Mormon to be a sacred text and "another testament of Jesus Christ". Members of this Society consider themselves to be Mormons by belief, culture, relationship, church standing or personal enlightenment. The Society is not a religion or a part of one. MWOS applies  broad criteria for  purposes of membership eligibility and distribution of membership benefits. Our criteria should not be taken as  official policy or doctrine of your church. (From the Preamble of the Charter of the MORMON WIDOWS AND ORPHANS SOCIETY.)

What are Grants. A grant of assistance is not a debt.  Grants do not have to be repaid but one is welcome to replenish these limited resources when possible.

(Effective date April 1, 1984; revised effective April 1, 1989, revised effective August 8, 1995, revised effective August 29, 1995; revised effective September 20, 2001; revised effective January 1, 2006; revised effective January 1, 2008; revised effective May 1, 2008)

Mormon Widows and Orphans Society   and    Benevolent Fund For Mormon Widows And Orphans   are not    affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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